I'm the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

by Bri Ryder

You friends don’t know this but I was actually really LATE turning this blog in. It’s mostly because I have been extremely busy this week - I didn’t even do couch to 5K this week, y’all. It’s been ROUGH - but also, I have to admit, it’s a little bit because I have a new love. A new obsession, if you will.

And that obsession is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [starring Rachel Bloom, the new love of my life - more on that in a second].

It’s been consuming my life. I have finished the first season, and honestly, I would be surprised with myself if I didn’t watch it again before the summer is over. If you haven’t watched yet, it’s on Netflix so you have no excuse. 

“But Bri, I don’t have a Netflix account.”

There are several solutions to this problem, but here are the top three.

1.       Get one - $10 per month, y’all. If you are doing any online shopping at all, you can probably afford this. Go to a store. Stop paying for shipping and start paying for Netflix instead.

2.       Ask your Ex for their password. It’s the least they can do for all the shit they put you through. You deserve this and they OWE YOU.

3.       Go halfsies* with your BFF. $5. That’s less than you paid for the sandwich you are currently eating.

Netflix didn’t pay me for this, but they should. Am I allowed to make endorsements like this? I hope so. Because I’ve also been watching a lot of Say Yes to the Dress on Hulu and I might want to talk about that later.

Now, I have done absolutely no research on this, so the story might not be true but regardless, I’m pretty inspired by the path my new life partner Rachel Bloom** took to get to this point. A teacher at the O’Neill told us this and I just took it as fact. And now I’m passing it onto you. What a world we live in. So the story I heard was that Rachel was auditioning in New York and living her life and whatever but she wasn’t really getting the jobs she wanted and she felt really boxed into character roles, so she took her life into her own hands and created this TV show and now she’s on the CW and we all get to watch her be amazing on Netflix.

As a non-ingenue, myself, I find it very inspiring indeed. I love her and I love this show. It’s amazing to see someone I identify with working in the mainstream. 

I did my thesis on character roles/character actors/type. It’s something that really freaks me out, honestly. I totally know and embrace my type, but I’m totally scared because most of the teachers I have worked with basically tell me that I won’t come into my type until I’m like 35-40 years old. My height is crazy (second shout out to Kate Shindle) and I’m plus sized and even if I lost 50 pounds, I’d still be bigger than everybody else. I don’t want or need to play Cinderella, but I’d like to play someone who isn’t in the evil step-family for once. It’s a weird, hard thing.

I’m really thankful to have so many people to look up to in the industry, though. People like Rachel Bloom and Alysha Umphress and Kate Shindle and Lindsay Mendez are such incredible role models to me. I’m so glad that they are working and doing amazing things. I’m always so happy to see non-conventional ingenues playing principal roles. 

And Rachel Bloom’s Maybe-Fake-But-Still-Inspirational Story is such an important lesson!! People have been telling me to create my own work for so many years, but I don’t always see the fruits of labor like I have in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’m so happy for her, and I’m excited to see my friends do the same things. We can ALL be the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Insert the “More You Know” shooting star here.

Hope you nerds are having a good day/week/life.


*unsure if this is the correct spelling. halvesies? no, it’s definitely halfsies. 
**we don’t actually know each other.